Sup Thereisone!
Can't seem to find the logs for last night. Am I missing something?
First Emerald Nightmare Kill! Grats FP!
Lovin Zywol's gyration lessons.
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Been a long time since I made a post, but we've made considerable acheivements as a guild that deserve recognition.

Congratulations to the guild for clearing Heroric Emerald Nightmare three weeks in a row now, as well as a our Normal clear of Trials of Valor. All our raiders have the AOTC achievement which is pretty amazing for us! We've made incredible progress considering our casual style. I couldn't be more proud of the guild! Thanks to each and every one of you that continue to show up, be prepared and give it your best, all while cracking jokes and having a blast doing it. You all are what make Flowerpower the best guild to play with.

Looking forward to The Nighthold, we'll be sure to kick butt in there too. :)

Our fearless raidleader just got lucky in the second best way possible!!

Now there's no excute for him not to be topping the charts on raid nights. ;)

Majellan I think he gave the devs some "favors"

Congratulations Flowerpower on our Iron Reaver and Kormork Mythic kill tonight! /cheer

Congratulations FP on our first Mythic Kill! Lets keep the momentum going!

Docdefector As Belichick would say, "We're on to Rever."
Atiana a Go go flowerpower!!

FP is actively recruiting DPS for mythic Hellfire Citadel progression!

Please read our recruitment information in the forums, and send us an application.

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